Flippy: World’s first reversible micro-USB cable to make your life easy

New Delhi, Jan 2: Smartphone users who get annoyed with ill-fitting USB connectors, tangled cables and slow data transfer speeds have a solution in Flippy – the world’s first reversible micro-USB cable.

Flippy is a patent-pending technology by Dott, an innovative smart-device accessories brand, that allows users not only to transfer files at a lighting speed but also charge smartphones much faster than other USB cables.

What works for the cable? Firstly, it is pretty with a royal blue colour. Unlike the other round-shaped cords, the flat designed Flippy is handy and tangle-free.

It has gold-plated USB (that fits into computers and laptops) and micro-USB (that fits into devices like smartphones) reversible male connectors. The symmetrical connectors fit seamlessly and let the user plug into micro-USB and USB port devices either way.

With this feature, the user can charge and sync mobile devices without the hassle of worrying about finding the correct side of the connector. Flip it this way or that, this side up or that – it doesn’t matter.

Flippy has oxygen-free copper wire that makes a connection stable and blazingly fast. With transferring speeds up to a staggering 480 Mbps, the cable transfers large files quickly and easily. It copied approximately 16 GB of data in nearly eight minutes.

With its high-quality tinned copper construction – that allows 2.4 amp fast charging – the cable fully charged a 3,400 mAh battery in approximately 1.25 hours. The cable is compatible with all devices like smartphones, digital cameras and MP3 players that have micro-USB connectors.

The thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) shielding and tough mold makes the cable suitable for secure connections and the reinforced cable joints reduce the possibility of it getting damaged and exposing the internal wires. Priced at Rs.499 on Amazon, the cable is available in 20 cm, one metre and two metre lengths. One can also buy the cable from dottstore.com for Rs.599.

What doesn’t work? The USB connecter is made of plastic and is very thin, making it vulnerable to break easily.

Verdict: The cable meets all a user’s requirements as it offers stylish design and colour. The fast charging and quick data transfer features with reversible USB and micro-USB (male) connectors makes it ideal for use with any brand of smartphones, digital cameras and MP3 players that has a compatible (female) port. A must-buy for people looking for low-cost sync & charge micro-USB cable”.

Technical Specifications: Connector Type: Gold-plated USB 2.0 type A (male) to reversible micro-B USB (male) | TPE shielding and Tough TPE-mold | Reinforced cable joints | Flexible cable shield | High quality tinned copper construction wires. (IANS)

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