Run 587 km with Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg this year

New York, Jan 6: For those who love to run, here is another reason to do so in New Year. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has announced a new challenge for his 47 million followers on the social networking site: run.

“I have a physical challenge for 2016 as well. I an going to run 365 miles (587 km) and I’d love for as many people in this community to join me as possible,” the 31-year-old Facebook founder wrote in a blog post.

Zuckerberg also shared a photo from a morning run in Delhi with colleagues Chris Daniels and Ime Archibong from Facebook when he visited the country last year.

Last year, he enjoyed sharing “A Year of Books” with the community. “We’ll call this year’s challenge ‘A Year of Running’. I’ve set up a public group where we can all discuss our running adventures and I’ll post periodically on my progress:,” he added. Users can share their experiences on “A Year of Running” Facebook group. Zuckerberg says he will post periodic updates there as well. So far, the group has more than 43,000 members.

“This is a lot of running, but it’s not a crazy amount. It’s a mile a day, and at a moderate pace it’s less than 10 minutes of running per day,” he posted. “Here’s to a healthy 2016! – running,” he added.  (IANS)

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