Youtube ‘Offline’ for Indian Mobiles

YouTube has launched a new feature called ‘offline mode’ for mobile users in India. Mobile users can download the video they like to watch repeatedly without spending their internet package.

To watch their favorite video time and again, they can click on offline mode to get it downloaded on the site for next 48 hours.

Mobile users India can use this feature offered by YouTube on their devices and can save their mobile data charges, they have been paying for watching videos.

YouTube has the contents from T-series, Sargeama and Yashraj films which will be available in off-line mode for mobile users.

India could be second largest market for video marketing by 2015 as around 5 billion videos on YouTube are being viewed by Indian users per month.

Most the users on YouTube find the video they have been looking for. Using this feature, user can watch the downloaded video for next 48 hours.

Many telecom companies have been offering internet package on social media0 data usage and video usage to mobile users.

With high internet speed mobile users can also upload their video to YouTube and to see it next time they need internet connection. But using the latest feature, they can download it for two day and watch without using their internet package.