Facebook Debate on Odisha Government’s Performance

ONI Bureau: Our Facebook Debate had the topicHas Odisha Govt made significant progress on Education, Healthcare and Employment? And, here are your responses.

Ratna Sagar Tripathy: When it comes to healthcare, education and employment, Odisha Government has produced dissatisfactory results. Condition of Government Hospitals is very poor. Education system is in a paralyzing state. Unemployment is on the rise. The Govt needs to do more.

Abhin Adhikari: Education had been on the road for months, as Teachers were on strike. Most of the colleges do not have adequate number of teachers. Health sector remains in a mess. Patients from undivided Koraput and Ganjam districts still depend on Visakhapatnam for better treatment. Situation is no different in employment sector.

Tusarkanta Satapathy: NO, because it is a well designed PLAN to handover these services to Corporate to get huge donations and purchase votes.

Debendra Rout: Development is a continuous process of analysing issues, proper planning and effective implementation of the policy. Odisha lags far behind in these areas. Our education structure has been destroyed in a systematic manner. Most of rural youth are moving out of state as bonded labourers. Employment opportunities are neither created nor regenerated due to lack of any policy. It’s high time we form an effective strategy group consisting of committed experts and common people from different walks of life to work on this direction.

M Sahadev: I am happy with the performance of health & family welfare and employment which have gradually developed. But, in case of education, Govt is yet to show any remarkable progress.

Meenakshi Mohanty: Education policy in India is not satisfactory… certificates don’t guarantee talents…. seeing is believing.. Fake certificates and fake people… to top it all … reservations…

Anirudha Nayak: I am completely dissatisfied. Neither Education nor Healthcare situation is improving. Maximum CHCs are managed by BDS doctors. From my personal experience, I can say a School Headmaster was unable to spell ‘Umbrella’ and said January 26 is our Independence Day and August 15 is Republic Day.

Balkrishna Mohapatra: It’s a mixed experience for me. Although I have been employed by the Government under this regime, a lot need to be done to improve things on the ground. Employment opportunities are little better as compared to previous regime, but education and healthcare need more attention.

Nanda KIshore CHoudhury: It’s a big NO from me. Roads are constructed, but of poor quality. No employment opportunities either in govt sector or private sector. I was very much supporting BJD earlier….. But this last term (2014-19) is worst.