Aakar Patel new Amnesty International India head

Veteran journalist and writer Aakar Patel is the new executive director of Amnesty International India — an international human rights organisation.

“Aakar Patel will head Amnesty International India’s operations,” Amnesty International said in statement on Thursday. “As the organisation’s chief political advisor, strategist and spokesperson, he will give direction to its goal of being an independent, effective, and deep-rooted organisation in India.”

Aakar Patel said he is honoured and proud to work with Amnesty International. “Amnesty International India has a terrific team that does vital work. I am proud and honoured to be working with them,” said Aakar Patel.

“Aakar’s commitment to human rights in his journalism and writing positions him perfectly to take on this important role,” said Minar Pimple, senior director of global operations at Amnesty International. Patel has previously worked on 2002 Gujarat riots and presented a report “Rights and Wrongs” and has been writing columns for publications in India and Pakistan. (IANS)

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