Delhi bans Maggi; Big Bazaar bans its Sales across India

After Kerala, Delhi Government has also imposed a ban on sales of Maggi Noodles, the brand of Nestle for 15 days, after excessive lead and monosodium glutmate found in the product beyond permissible limit. Ten out of 13 samples tested for lead content, produced negative results, leading to the ban.

The Delhi Government has also filed a case against Nestle for selling unsafe product and putting the lives of children and adults at risk. A hefty fine would be imposed on Nestle for misbranding Maggi noodles. Nestle officials will be summoned by the Delhi government to explain their position.

India’s largest retain chain, Big Bazaar has also decided to ban sales of Maggi at its outlets across the country. At least 10-12 Indian states have either ordered the withdrawal of Maggi noodles from shops or testing of noodle samples.

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