Chhattisgarhi film to premiere at 17th Mumbai film fest

Mumbai, Oct 28: A Chhattisgarhi film titled “Mor Mann Ke Bharam”, jointly directed by Karma Takapa, Heer Ganjwala and Abhishek Varma, will compete in the India Gold section of the 17th edition of the prestigious Mumbai Film Festival, organised by Mumbai Academy of Moving Images (MAMI).
The festival will run from October 29 to November 5, and the film’s screening at the gala will mark its world premiere.

“Mor Mann Ke Bharam” is shot in Raigarh town of the Chhattisgarh state. It’s a result of a collaboration of cast from the local theatre group Indian People’s Theatre Association Raigarh and its members, while the crew, from different parts of the country. Comprises graduates from Pune’s Film and Television Institute of India, read a statement.

The film is about an author, who is struggling between what he wants to write and what others might want to read, which culminates into a surrealist novel.

“Mor Mann Ke Bharam” features four different folk songs of Chhattisgarh, in their original form and uses local motifs embedded in Chhattisgarhi culture that have not found space on the big screen till date.

At the fest, the movie is among the 14 titles competing for the coveted ‘Gateway of India’ Award.

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