Don’t Think my Film will make it to Theatres: Manju Borah

Mumbai, Nov 2: National Award-winning filmmaker Manju Borah is certain that her latest film “Dau Huduni Methai”, about the effects of Bodo insurgencies on villagers, won’t have a theatrical release.

“I don’t think it will ever have a theatrical release. With most theatres favouring mainstream cinema and even audiences, it’s impossible for films from other languages to make it to cinemas,” Borah told on the sidelines of ongoing Jio MAMI Mumbai Film Festival.

While she admits India is a country of various languages, she feels sad that only films from few languages are preferred.

“It’s really sad that only Hindi and English films manage to enjoy theatrical release. What about other language films? We produce films in so many languages but why the focus is always on Bollywood,” she asks.

However, she’s glad at least audiences in film festivals get to watch her films.

“It’s festivals like these where I get to showcase my work. It doesn’t matter how many come to watch but I’m thankful to those who get to watch my film,” she said.

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