Kalinga Lanka Foundation unveils New Website

The Kalinga Lanka Foundation (KLF), the Delhi/NCR based cultural organization founded by like-minded people from Odisha and Sri Lanka launched its official website www.kalingalankafoundation.org in the recently convened meeting of its Governing Body.

In order to promote the objective of the Foundation among the young generation, it was decided that KLF will reach out to the Universities to enroll ‘Student Volunteers’ without charging any fees from them. It was also decided that membership would be offered gratis to the clergy from various religious communities and organizations.  The Governing Body also agreed that Honorary Membership may be offered gratis to distinguished persons from various fields.

Kalinga Lanka Foundation will offer life membership in three different categories –Single Individual, Corporate and Institutions-with one time payment of membership fees of Rs 5000/-, Rs 500000/- and Rs 100000/- respectively. Membership application will be available with the existing life members of the Foundation as well as in the website which can be downloaded. Applicants have to be recommended by an existing member before final induction into the Foundation on approval of the President.

Kalinga Lanka Foundation, registered under Haryana Registration and Regulation of Societies  Act 2012,   is a Delhi/NCR based cultural organization founded by like-minded people from Odisha and Sri Lanka to celebrate the common heritage and strengthen the historical relationship between peoples of India with particular reference to Odisha (erstwhile Kalinga) and peoples of Sri Lanka through multi-dimensional initiatives in art & culture, education, skill development, science & technology, tourism, business and other areas.

As a non-government, non-profit organisation, Kalinga Lanka Foundation intends to open its branches at Bhubaneswar and Colombo to promote people-to-people contact between India & Sri Lanka and mobilize resources to strengthen the organization.

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