Odia film comedian Black Ravi (Ravi Kumar) is selling vegetables to survive COVID-19

All the industries are hit and harmed. Bollywood the Hindi film industry and Ollywood, the Odia film industry, has wagers and labourer who went from regular work to joblessness.

Famous Odia film comedian Ravi Kumar aka Black Ravi had to sell vegetable during lockdown going door to door. Ravi Kumar, who has been noticed in several hit Odia films, was forced to sell vegetables in the Shamantarapur area of Bhubaneswar. Because of the coronavirus outbreak and lockdown, Kumar can’t shoot for films nor can he perform on the stage to earn a living. This strive of poverty pushed him to venture to the roads to sell vegetables in order to make some money and survive.

Both of Ravi’s elder brothers passed one after another in two separate road accidents a few years back. Ravi takes care of his large household which constitutes of four families, his, his two brothers’ and his parents. He has two daughters to take care of along with his wife.

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