Centre asks the States to project Pulse demand

The Centre has requested the States to project their demands for pulses so that timely release from buffer stock can be ensured. The Government is keeping a close watch on the prices and availability of pulses and it is being monitored regularly at the highest level.

The Government agencies have procured 50,000 tonnes pulses and 25, 000 have been contracted so far during the year for import. During 2015-16, 55 lakh MT pulses have also been imported by private traders which are 10 lakh tonne more than the last fiscal year’s import.

In order to encourage pulses production the Government has already increased MSP for pulses, by Rs 275 per qtl for Tur & Urad, and by Rs 250 per qtl for Moong.

States/UTs have been empowered to impose stock limits on pulses to ensure ability and check hoarding. They have been asked to strictly enforce the stock limits and take stringent action against hoarding.

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