Evening News Headlines (December 7, 2018)

ONI Bureau:   Good Evening Readers! Here are the Evening News Bulletin on India and World by Odisha News Insight.

—  Dr. Krishnamurthy Subramanian appointed as the new Chief Economic Advisor (CEA) for three years.

—  Enforcement Directorate (ED) raids Robert Vadra’s close associates in Delhi; ED has evidence that the persons being raided had received money in their bank accounts from defence suppliers.

—  Voter turnout recorded till 5 PM is 72.7% in Rajasthan and in Telangana 67% till 5 pm.

—  Sudarsan Pattnaik creates sand art in memory of all martyrs on Armed Forces Flag Day.

—  Nitin Gadkari had slight medical condition due to low sugar.

—  31st Goods and Services Tax (GST) Council meeting to be held on December 22 in Delhi.

—  Supreme Court to hear former Indian cricketer Sreesanth’s appeal on lifetime ban in January.

—  Rath Yatra: Calcutta High Court directs BJP representatives to meet state Chief Secretary, DGP by December 12 and decision to be taken by December 14.

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