Reverse Bigotry! Durga Puja banned in West Bengal Village

While the liberals and some top journalists beating their chests day in and day out over various issues such as Beef, Dadri and Dalits and seek to put PM Narendra Modi in the dock, they have maintained a stoic silence over the Durga Puja ban in a West Bengal village.

Around 300 Hindu families have been banned from praying or organising Durga Puja at Nalhati village in Birbhum district of West Bengal for the last three years ever since Mamata Banerjee came to power. The illegal Bangladeshi immigrant Muslims rule the roost in the region. The Muslims in the village claim that they feel offended by Durga Puja.

The matter was first reported by a Bengali newspaper. Later, NewsX TV took up the matter. A villager told on camera that police had warned them to comply with the ban or face serious consequences. The Hindu villagers even wrote to the District Magistrate, seeking permission to hold Durga Puja, but in vain.

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