Who is the President of Uttar Pradesh? Lalu Yadav is the Answer

ONI Bureau: This prank video will leave you in splits.

Should the President of Rajasthan resign after BJP’s loss in the State? Who will be the next President of Madhya Pradesh? Well, multiple answers are there. These people don’t confront saying the question is wrong. They keep giving answers.

Next, who is the President of Uttar Pradesh? OMG! It’s Lalu Yadav, one person claims.

Who is President of Delhi? It’s Narendra Modi. What? Ok, who is the PM then? It’s Kejriwal!!!

No, it does not stop here. Someone says she never heard of Kejriwal in elections. Then, came the gem. Who is PM of Delhi? Narendra Modi. Who is PM of Bihar. Again, Narendra Modi. Then, who is Kejriwal? Both Modi and Kejriwal are the same person, is the verdict.

Watch the video and enjoy! But, it also portrays a gloomy picture about the political understanding of the youths in the country. Jokes apart, it’s not a health sign.

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