Cabinet takes historic decision by increasing MSP for Kharif Crops

ONI Bureau:  A step towards doubling farmers’ income, the Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs on Wednesday hiked the minimum support price for paddy by 200 rupees per quintal from Rs 1,550 per quintal to Rs 1,750 while that of Grade A variety by Rs 160 per quintal from 1,590 per quintal to Rs 1,750. The Committee also approved the increase in MSP of 14 Kharif crops.

Cabinet have takenn the historic decision by increasing the MSP for Kharif Crops Paddy 1750 Per quintal, Mecca Rs 1700 Per quintal, Sunflower seeds cost Rs 5388 Per quintal, Soyabean Rs. 3399 Per quintal Mole Rs 6249 quintal.

The MSP of cotton (medium staple) has been increased to Rs 5,150 from Rs 4,020 and that of cotton (long staple) to Rs 5,450 from 4,320 per quintal, increased by Rs 1,130 per quintal.

In pulses, moong MSP has been raised to Rs 6,975 per quintal from Rs 5,575 increased by Rs 1400 per quintal while tur MSP has been raised to Rs 5,675 per quintal from Rs 5,450. Urad MSP has been hiked to Rs 5,600 from Rs 5,400 per quintal.

Addressing the media, Union Minister Rajnath Singh said the cabinet had taken the “historic” decision to give MSP of 1.5 times on the input cost to farmers, which will be a “big boost” to the economy.

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