Surgical Strikes: Trust Your Army, Let Pakistan live in Denial

Do we really bother why Pakistan does not accept Surgical Strikes in PoK? When we heard them accepting anything? They still maintain they won all Wars – 1948, 1965, 1971 and 1999. They say ‘War till Victory’. Our Army declared with much pride that they conducted surgical strikes to avenge Uri and inflicted casualties on terrorists in PoK. Should not we trust them?

They took 40 Foreign Journalists to “prove” that nothing happened on their soil. Indian Army never disclosed in which areas they conducted strikes. But, Pakistan showed some select areas to foreign Journalists.

Did Pakistan show “dead bodies” of those Indian Soldiers who according to them were killed by their Army and left behind by India? Lies exposed again!!!

People in India hardly watch and read what Foreign TV Channels or Newspapers say. But, some individuals and groups in India are publicizing and promoting those views in a tactful manner. People must be aware of such elements and their evil design…And, yes, trust your Army. They are not part of any political design. Politicians may lie, but not the Armymen.

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