Terrorism remains Indiscriminate, Dear Pakistan

From the Editor’s Desk: Yes, we join you to mourn the death of 132 innocent children, who were killed by your own men of Tehrik-e-Taliban, who were created and patronised by you over the years. You tried to use the terrorists against your neighbour under the guise of freedom struggle and jihad on the basis of religion. Today, your Pakistan is bleeding. Your people are beating the chest and crying bitter. Do you learn from your mistakes?

Yes, your people celebrated with sweets, crackers and dance on the streets when 26/11 happened. They called the 26/11 terrorists as martyrs. But, we are humans. We don’t celebrate at the death of your kids. We treat them as our kids. Come and see. At the behest of our PM, all schools in India observed a two-minute silence today, because we do care about innocent lives. We organize candle march, mourning, condolence meetings even though the deceased were the children of enemy army, which have been creating problems in our country for decades.

You created terrorism and nurtured the terrorists. Look, what they did to you. You always argued about jihad and “freedom struggle” in Kashmir. Only because of your patronage, Pakistan has today become a global terror hub. And, the pain the terrorists gave you today, cannot be forgotten easily. Will you wake up now? Will you acknowledge and accept that terrorism does not discriminate between gender, religion or age? It’s blind, indiscriminate and inhuman. There is no good or bad terrorism. There is no jihad. There is no freedom struggle. They kill our men, women and children. They do the same in your country too.

It’s high time you open your eyes. Dismantle all terror camps. Your Army and ISI must accept the reality. The political class should be granted power. Deal with the terrorists with a strong resolve whether in Baluchistan or PoK. They are terrorists. They don’t have human values. Their task is to kill and celebrate over dead bodies. It does not matter to them whether the bodies belong to India or Pakistan.

Dear Pakistan, we both have been victims of terrorism. We can’t turn blind to the real issues. Today, lives of our kids are in danger. If the terrorists eliminate our future generation, growth and development of our nations will be in jeopardy. Unless we join hands, take a vow to wipe out terrorism completely and work together for a better, peaceful and prosperous sub-continent, we can’t flourish. Will you listen today? It’s high time you do it. Or else, your terror will erase your country from the global map sooner or later. And, we need a strong, prosperous neighbour, not your ruins, as that won’t give us any reason to celebrate!!!

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