A film on Dutee Chand’s Life

Dutee Chand, India’s ace sprinter and first openly gay athelete, had declared that numerous filmmakers from Bollywood were keen on making her biopic. In an interview shortly, she said, “I have got requests from so many filmmakers who are keen to make my biopic, but I haven’t given the nod yet. Apart from Anil Kapoor and Rakeysh Mehra, a lot of actors and actresses have independently reached out.”

India’s fastest woman, who holds a record of 11.24 second in 100m sprint, finally gave her film rights to Kadambini Media founded by Dr Achyuta Samanta, and Social-entrepreneur and Member of Parliament who has been her mentor since her time in sports.

The film will be produced by Kadambini Media and it’s editor Iti Samanta. Himanshu Khatua who is also the director of the film is working on the script along with Mahim Joshi. The protagonist of the film hasn’t been declared yet.

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