After Dilip Ray, Senior Leader Bijoy Mohapatra too quits BJP

ONI Bureau: Within an hour of Rourkela MLA Dilip Ray quitting BJP and resigning as an MLA, senior leader Bijoy Mohapatra also resigned from the party. Bijoy announced this decision at a press meet at 11 AM today.

“Since Dillip Ray will go abroad for a few days, we will meet again after 15 days and decide on our future course of action,” said Bijoy Mohapatra.

In a letter written to BJP President Amit Shah, Bijoy Mohapatra and Dilip Mohapatra wrote, “We regret to state that despite repeated efforts in appraising you on the sorry state of affairs in the party here, neither you nor any senior central party leader bothered to consult, review or take corrective measures”.

“We can’t be treated as furniture in the party while the rootless talk big and project a larger than life image. For us, the interest of the state is supreme, we have never ever compromised our self respect or the interest of the state for any post, power or ticket. We fiercely guard the interest of people of our state and particularly our constituency to whom we are answerable,” they wrote.

“We waited for four long years in vain. We refuse to wait any longer. Our continuance in the party is no longer untenable, hence we quit,” they signed off.

Both Bijoy Mohapatra and Dilip Ray have been upset with the party and remained out of its affairs for over a year or so. Their official exit was a mere formality.

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