Can’t Go Back To Lockdown: Naveen Patnaik At PM’s Meet

As the COVID19 cases continue to surge in several states of the country, Odisha Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik said it will be difficult to ‘go back to the lockdown.’ Patnaik was addressing a meeting of CMs called by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

“Over the last one year, the world has seen unprecedented crisis due to the Covid-19 situation. It was a difficult year for every human being as the virus spread to all parts of the world. Families and societies have been affected not only in terms of health crisis but also severe impact on the economy and livelihoods as well” he said.

Complimenting the efforts of the health workers and the administration, he said the staff has been throughout the crisis period. He also added that the roll out of vaccine has come as a ray of hope.

“The long period of this crisis has brought fatigue and complacency in following covid health protocols. We cannot go back to the era of lockdowns. However at the same time we need to ensure that the virus spread is also contained through renewed efforts in awareness and enforcement.”

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