Doctor Carries Pregnant Women For 30Kms On His Shoulder, Proves Next Only To God

Doctors are known for their sense of responsibility, and effort of improving and saving lives. Hence, they are considered next only to God. But how far is it practically true for anybody to be next only to God! But, a doctor has truly proven it!

Radheshyam Jena, a doctor from Malkangiri currently in charge of pulse polio program that is running in the very remote village, Godigandi of the district lacking all facilities exhibited praiseworthy conduct rare to be seen or heard.

According to sources, while attending to the children in administering the polio vaccine, Dr Jena noticed a pregnant woman going into labour pain. Immediately, he sprang into action to help the woman. He made his best efforts to help the woman deliver her baby safely but to his dismay, he found that there is another baby in the womb which was vital to be delivered without any waste of time. But with limited medical facilities, less resources and no means of transport to the rescue, Dr Jena decided to carry the women in critical condition to the Kalimela hospital, nearly 30 km away from the village on a stretcher on his shoulder with the support from his team members.

Unfortunately, with eight hours of travelling to the hospital, the woman delivered a dead baby. However, the first baby is healthy and the woman is in a stable condition. On the other hand, praises are pouring in for Dr Jena from all over the state.