Kharabela Swain attacked at Kashipur in Rayagada District

ONI Bureau:  In a shocking developnent this afternoon, former Lok Sabha MP and Utkal Bharat President Kharabela Swain was assaulted by a youth at Kashipur in Rayagada district after he refused to end his meeting and leave the place.

The video of assault on Kharabela Swain has gone viral. “I had already intimated the police about my meeting. But, nobody came to provide protection. 2/3 youths came, argued with me, warned me not to talk against BJD and then attacked me,” alleged Kharabela Swain.

“Naveen Patnaik has flooded the State with liquor. This attack was carried out by people under the influence of alcohol,” he added.

Earlier last month, Swain was attacked during a rally at Aul in Kendrapara district. His supporters were assaulted, vehicles damaged and he was dragged from the stage.

Utkal Bharat President Kharabela Swain attacked in Aul, Kendrapara

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