Last Voice Message of Sambalpuri Album Actress Simran Singh goes viral

ONI Bureau:  A day after mutilated body of Sambalpuri album actress Simran Singh was found under a bridge of the Mahanadi River near Goira Matha in Sambalpur district yesterday, a voice message of the actress has gone viral on social media today.

Sources said that Simran had recorded the voice message few hours before her death and sent that message to one of her friends. In the message, Simran was telling that she was mentally depressed and was going far away from all.

“I left everything to come home with you. But, you did not put any effort in the relationship. I am completely broken. I am going away from all”, she was heard saying.

It is suspected that the voice message was addressed to his husband Dubaraj Suna. Based on the evidence, Simran’s husband Dubaraj Suna detained by police at Belpada Police Station today.

According to the TV report, Dhrubaraj confessed that he got married to Simran Singh earlier.

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