Odia Labourers escape from Chennai in a boat amid lockdown

Odisha Government has set up a benchmark when it comes restraining COVID19 and also, in inter-state coordination with a well-planned strategy to help Odia migrant workers, trapped in various parts of the country. Odisha government has set up a 30-line help centre for Odia workers stranded in other parts of the country. Nodal officers composing of senior executives from the State of Odisha have been coordinating with other state governments to make food accessible to migrants trapped in their respective states. But despite numerous such quick efforts there still migrants out there who are suffering.

In one peculiar case, 10 Odia labourers originally from Sunapur of Odisha’s Ganjam district, stranded in Chennai due to national lockdown, opted for the sea voyage to reach Odisha. With 17 people of Andhra Pradesh, these Odia fellows bought a boat worth Rs. 1.7 lakh along with fuel for this journey.

However, at Andhra Pradesh, police detained them and put under quarantine. According to reports, Srikakulam Police had information before-hand about this trip. Hence, on their arrival at Ichhapuram coast Police took action immediately.

The lockdown implementation in the country has shut down businesses in Chennai (many Odias work in the industries of Chennai) creating severe inconvenience in the income of labourers working there.