Odisha : A shining template of people first governance

Political Philosophers have always stated that, if bureaucracy is closer to the public where public servants go to the public and not the other way round, makes the governance smooth, transparent and hassle-free for the citizens of the state. In time, Odisha has been proving itself as a shining template where a bureaucrat is taking the extra mile to go and visit the general public becoming a link between- the elected leaders and the people. This process filters out barriers that exists between the mindset of people and government, giving the people the power and voice they have always deserved and wanted.

Pandian and his administration:

V Karthikeyan Pandian, the private secretary to the CM Naveen Patnaik and a reputed IAS officer has pushed himself beyond a bureaucrat’s work zone to take the time out his busy schedule to celebrate Diwali with Children in hostels, orphanages, sports shelters and the like. This has been a precedence to the already successfully running 5T initiative (based on the philosophy that transparency, teamwork, technology and time leads to transformation).

This isn’t a one-day event as Pandian, he has been visiting :

  • Government Hospitals
  • Ahaar Kendras (meal subsidisation scheme)
  • Sports hostels
  • Orphanages

Diwali, not being election time, doesn’t usually garner the attention of high-end politicians. Irrespective of the limelight, Odisha’s bureaucracy has managed to spread warmth and light amongst kids who actually need them. Pandian, who has become the anchor for this virtue under the leadership of Naveen Patnaik, has been constantly spending time, even on a Diwali with children- eating, interacting, giving away gifts and staying there. This strengthens the establishment of 5T.

This fundamental change in the governance of Odisha has been possible because of the BJD supremo and the most successful CM of Odisha, Naveen Patnaik. The vision he has portrayed through his leadership has been nothing short of extraordinary. Patnaik’s recent most advanced initiatives ‘Mo Sarkar’ was launched on Gandhi Jayanti as part of his pro-people ‘5T action plan’ where he has given the people of Odisha a voice, and a non negotiable support for it.

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