From Social Media: Baijayant takes a jibe at Pramila Mallick

ONI Bureau: Former Minister & BJD’s Observer Pramila Mallick, who had given the negative report on Jay Panda, leading to his suspension from the party, drew the ire of the MP over her open challenge to him.

Responding to Pramila’s comment that he should resign and fight polls if he has the guts, Baijayant Panda hit back saying it would be beneficial for Odisha if Pramila Mallick is given charge of inquiry into Chit Fund Scam and Kunduli case, as she has the track record of submitting report and identifying the accused in 3 days.

It can be recalled that both BJD Observers Pramila Mallick and Usha Devi had probed the allegations against Jay Panda by PRI representatives and submitted a quick report to BJD President Naveen Patnaik, who later suspended him from the party.

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