6.80 Lakh Tourists arrived in India in October

New Delhi, Nov 12: A total of 6.80 lakh foreign tourists visited India in October, registering 1.7 percent growth for the same period in 2014.
According to the tourism ministry, India witnessed a total of 6.80 lakh Foreign Tourist Arrivals (FTA) in October, 1.7 percent growth for the same period in 2014 during which the FTA stood at 6.68 lakh.

The ministry in its report also revealed that the highest number of visitors in this month came from Bangladesh. “India has earned a total of Rs.9,611 crore foreign exchange through tourism in October 2015. In terms of highest tourist arrivals, Bangladesh was followed by US, Britain, Sri Lanka and Germany among several others, including Canada and China,” the statement said.

The ministry said in percentage terms, foreign tourist arrivals were highest at the Delhi airport at 33.95 percent, followed by Mumbai airport at 16.90 percent. “Among other airports where the tourists arrived were Chennai airport with 7.50 percent, Kolkata with 3.64 percent of the total foreign tourist,” the report compiled by the ministry said.

In terms of the Foreign Exchange Earning (FEE), during October 2015 the Indian government earned Rs.9,611 crore as compared to Rs. 10,041 crore in October 2014 and Rs.8,645 crore in October 2013. “The FEEs in rupee terms, October 2015 registered a decline of 4.3 percent over October 2014 as compared to positive growth of 16.1 percent in October 2014 over October 2013,” it added.

“FEEs in US dollars terms during the month of October 2015 were $1.477 billion as compared to FEEs of $1.636 billion during October 2014 and $1.404 billion in October 2013,” the statement added. (IANS)

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