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China Reopens Blood-Soaked Markets – Back To Business After The Coronavirus Pandemic (Read…)

The Blood-Soaked Markets In China are once again back to its usual business after the Coronavirus outbreak worldwide.

Yes, China has reopened its slaughter markets for human consumption, selling bats, dogs, pangolins and other animals.

Experts have expressed high concern and remarked the move as dangerous as it is believed the pandemic begun from one such market and passed on to humans.

If reports are to be believed, the dangerous virus remained concealed in a bat then pranced on to another animal which later got transmitted to humans in one such market in China while handling with virus-containing animal.

Various reports from different sources suggest that a 55-year-old man from China’s Hubei province could have been the first person to have contracted COVID-19 through one such dealing in the slaughter market.

Unfortunately, the slaughter markets have retracted to function exactly the same way as before COVID-19.

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