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India ranks 119 on FM Global Resilience Index

Resilenc IndexIn the 2015 FM Global Resilience Index, India has been ranked a low 119 out of 130 countries, moving downwards in compare to last year. The Index measures business resilience of nations based on economic, risk quality and supply chain factors.

Norway has topped the Resilience Index as the country accommodates the companies in best possible way to avoid disruption in their global supply chain operations. Besides Norway, the top countries that are most resilient include Switzerland, Netherlands, Ireland, Luxembourg, Germany, Qatar, Canada, Finland and the US.

Venezuela is ranked at the bottom in the list.

However, India ranks 119, falling from 112th rank in 2014, despite its scope in various fields and increasing global potential for industrial growth.

On the economic parameter, which takes into account GDP, political risk and oil intensity, India is ranked 115. On the other hand, in case of the risk quality factor, India is ranked 109 for its quality of natural hazard and fire risk management. In the third category of supply chain, which looks at corruption control, infrastructure and local supplier quality, India ranks 89th position.

The FM Global Resilience Index is the first data-driven tool and repository that ranks the business resilience of 130 countries. It is designed to help executives evaluate and manage supply chain risk. Nine key drivers of supply chain risk are grouped into three categories: economic, risk quality and supply chain factors– all combine to form the composite index.


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