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Industrialists keen to set up Chemical Industries, Research Centres in Odisha

Industrialists keen to set up Chemical Industries, Research Centres in OdishaBhubaneswar, Oct 10: The outcome of research and development along with the cooperation of research institutes will help chemical based industries in the long run in the competitive market, expressed Sri Devi Prasad Mishra, Minister, Industry. Addressing International Conference and Seminar of leading industrialists of chemical based industries organised by Institute of Chemical Technology (Deemed University), Mumbai Sri Mishra said that the chemical industry can compete in the world market with the co-operation of the research institute.

In the conference attended by industrialists and technocrats from different countries, Sri Mishra discussed in detail about the new progressive industrial policy and Special Economics Zone and the opportunities offered by the State Government headed by Sri Naveen Patnaik, Chief Minister of Odisha for establishing chemical industries in Odisha. Sri Mishra invited the industrialists to set up chemical based and allied industries in the state. He reiterated that there are ample opportunities to establish petrochemical based industries at Paradeep Petro-Chemical Complex(PCPIIR) and coal and gas based industries along with fertilizer, pesticides, pharmaceutical and organic based industries at Talcher.

In the panel discussions held in the afternoon Vice-Chancellor Prof. G.D. Yadav, noted industrialist Raju Bhai Saraf, Bimal Gokul Das, Rajendra Gogri, Deepak Mohan, Sri Singhvi and coordinator Durga Prasad Mishra discussed at length about the scope and prospects of chemical industries in Odisha. Industrialists exchanged their views in setting up chemical, petrochemical, fertilizers industries in Odisha and will submit their proposals in this regard. Sri Mishra requested Vice-Chancellor of the Institute of Chemical Technology to set up a campus in Odisha. The conference was attended by the representatives from USA, Canada, Malaysia and SARCC countries.

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