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Twitter launches Official Partner Programme for Advertisers

Twitter Advertisers New York, June 2 (IANS): Taking its partnership with IBM for delivering better insights on customer data a step further, Twitter has announced the launch of the Official Partner Programme.

The new programme is a consulting tool that involves trusted third parties and helps pair advertisers with partners like IBM, Brand Networks and Simply Measured, Venturebeat reported.

Twitter has also launched a new site to connect advertisers with the services they are looking for.

“IBM is the first solutions provider that provides strategic insight, consulting and analytics to help brands and enterprises make decisions with Twitter data,” Twitter said in a blog post.

“Twitter and IBM have worked to train more than 10,000 IBM employees on Twitter data and analytics best practices,” it added.

The company mentions a plethora of services, from analytics and engagement to strategic consulting that will help round out its existing ad platform.

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