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Vedanta supports PM’s clarion call on LPG Subsidy

Vedanta supports PM’s clarion call on LPG SubsidyMr. Anil Agarwal, Chairman, Vedanta Group, tweeted, “Vedanta supports PM’s clarion call; Opt out of LPG Subsidy. Redeployed funds to benefit the needy & contribute to nation’s cause #GiveitUp”

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, mindful of the large number of the national population still living under the poverty line, has introduced a slew of effective measures to tackle the issue. One such initiative which is being supported by India Inc is ‘Opt out of LPG Subsidy’, a national initiative by the Government encourages the economically able sections of the society to voluntarily surrender their cooking gas (LPG). Such voluntary mobilization of resources would mean low cost high impact measures for poverty alleviation. A more economic use of cooking gas will ensure adequate resources at the government’s disposal.

Mr. Anil Agarwal, Chairman, Vedanta Group believes that the ‘‘Opt out of LPG Subsidy’ scheme will benefit India in five major ways:

  • Energy Conservation
  • Social Equitability
  • Environment
  • Better Utilization of Resources
  • Energy Security Enhancement

India’s natural gas production has increased over the years; but, as the population rises and growth accelerates, natural gas output has increased from 32.2 BCM in 2005-06 to 40.7 BCM in 2012-13. Reports suggest that even as more discoveries and better technology bode well for the country, the rise in gas output has been marred with disruptions due to a host of factors ranging from natural to man-made.

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