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10 Surefire Tips to counter Sunstroke Menace

Summer season By Srikanta Mohanty: With the onset of summer in the month of March, mercury in the twin cities of Odisha has risen to an astonishing level. As the hottest months of April and May are just ahead, the heat-wave has already touched 42 degrees Celsius, millions across the state are now afraid of repetition of the catastrophe that took place way back in 1998.

With the severe water- shortage crisis looming large in the horizon, people fear more deaths due to sunstroke. The sudden surge in temperature with hot winds blowing throughout the whole day brings every possibility of stroke due to severe heat and death due to suffocation in the extremely dry and humid atmosphere.

Let’s know about the ten easy tips that could save the precious life of a person from the pangs of deadly heat in summer.

Get the summer clothes ready- People, who are frequently going out, need to take care of the way they dress for the season. Unlike winter, everyone needs to wear light-weight, light-colored, and loose-sized clothes that would not stick to the body, causing more perspiration. Tight-fitting clothes help the temperature of the body rise fast, which would cause suffocation.  Loosely fitting cotton clothes in white color are the best dressing option for one and all in summer.

Cover the head with wet cloth- In order to prevent the deadly heat-wave touching the head of a person, it is always a wise option to keep the head covered. Just buy a large-sized handkerchief and after rinsing it in water, tie it over the head. One could make use of Khurda Gamucha by wetting it and tying it over head. This keeps the entire body cool. This is really beneficial at the time of extreme heat in the month of May.

Wear a Cap or hat- A broad-brimmed hat or a cap could also help in controlling the sun-rays touching the head.  Particularly at the time of roaming around, the hat or cap could keep the head cool and prevent sun-stroke from taking place.

Carry the fluid bottle- When heat wave is at its peak, water-filled bottle needs to be in the company of everyone. Drinking water at intervals keeps the body hydrated and completely prevents sun-stroke.

Drink green-coconut water- Heap of green coconuts or ‘paidas’ is often the familiar sight at the road-side. Avoid drinking bottles of soft-drink during summer as those do not replenish energy lost due to dehydration. Water from green-coconut could wonderfully recharge the body and replace the tiredness with vitality and energy.

Avoid exhaustion from activities- Be it exercise, walking, or jogging, one need not do any physical activity leading to over- exhaustion as this could easily lead to a stroke. He or she needs to keep the temperature inside the room normal, while doing indoor exercises.

Avoid staying inside parked vehicles- During the days of scorching heat, one need not stay inside a parked car nor allow his family to stay inside. Unless, the car is air-conditioned, the heat inside the interior of the vehicle keeps on increasing. While travelling, he could halt at the road-side food stalls or hotels under shades and leave only after taking fluids.

Use Goggles- While working outside in summer, eyes are at increased risk. In case of a sun-stroke, eyes are susceptible to further damage. When eyes get the protection from the goggles, it also helps to keep the brain calm.

Keep the Emergency phone numbers- In case of discomfort from heat, one need to keep the emergency phone numbers of healthcare and make calls to get immediate help.

An Umbrella for the senior citizen- Normally, elderly persons need not step out at the time of severe heat during summer. But while going out, an umbrella needs to become the constant companion of him or her.

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