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BJD MLAs condemned for showing disregard to National Anthem

BJD-1Some over-enthusiastic BJD MLAs showed disrespect to National Anthem by shouting slogans when it was being played during the opening session of Odisha Assembly yesterday. And, both CM and Speaker remained mute spectators. Who should be held responsible and what action needed to be taken against the guilty?

Rabi Kanungo: If true, they are worth of their culture, education and upbringing. Better we feel ashamed for those stupid creatures.

Gyanranjan Samal: MLAs should not act like this during National Anthem. Speaker is responsible for not acting against the MLAs. Unfortunately, the knowledge base of our leaders are very low, but ignorance can’t be an excuse for our MLAs & Speaker.

Charulata Panigrahi: Sorry state of affairs. This type of shameless behaviour from lawmakers. It seems that the BJD members are over enthusiastic to please the supremo and not the people or nation. The happening yesterday, makes the party a laughable stock. When will they learn to behave?

Prakash Bhuyan: They should be suspended for a session and without any salary and facilities. There is no excuse for such nuisance irrespective of party affiliation.

Jyotsna Devi Mardaraj: Punishments are meant only for us not for CMs and Legislators, who are above all. And, they have no fear even for godly attacks, why will they care for man-made rules?

Sambit Nanda: The errant MLAs shall be individually responsible for their act and need to be punished as per the provisions of the law. But unfortunately this time, law will not take its own course.

Rabi Satapathy: A worst form of Democracy is in Display now in Odisha. Naveen-led BJD made mockery of the Odia people, Odia language, Lord Jagannath, Odisha state and now the Assembly. By addiction of freebies, Naveen is over-confident, but what happened to Biju Patnaik due to Over confidence in 1995 will happen to Naveen in 2019.

BH V Nageswar Rao: The Honourable Members of the Legislature should set an example to the people they represent by their exemplary behaviour. If they disrespect national anthem, it is a matter of utter shame. They must be brought to book to avoid any repetition of such heinous behaviour in future.

Priyadarshini Pati: Disrespect to national anthem showing their disregard to the people who trust them.. Better they should come and answer to the people.

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