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Debate on BJP’s chances in Uttar Pradesh


modi-rajnathSamajwadi Party and BSP have ruled Uttar Pradesh for the last two terms with full majority, but no substantial change was visible on the ground. With Modi at the Centre, should BJP be given a chance to rule UP so that they can prove their mettle?

Deepak Kumar Prusty: Should be given but under a good Chief Minister.

Akshay Rout: A single Modi can’t change this country. To see a overall change, people of this country have to undergo a process of purification, mostly politicians cutting across party line Bureaucrats, Ministers and Lawmakers. otherwise, it will have no impact and we may brace for another forced failure like demonetisation.

Jagannath Mahapatra: True, BJP should be given a chance to rule Uttar Pradesh.

Keya Ghosh: In all probabilities yes. As mentioned already, UP did not see any noticeable change both during BSP & SP regime. So in my opinion, people must give a chance to BJP for their own betterment.

Lakshit Sharma: Yes they should be given a chance.

Sangram Keshari Nepak: They have 72 MPs….With absolute majority at centre, they have not done anything visible for their own constituencies….even the village adopted by PM in his own constituency Varanasi has not seen much development….For now, the right choice is non other than #Akhilesh….

Jagannath Satapathy: Yes, BJP should be given a chance, but million dollar question will be under whose leadership…? Except Rajnath Singh, most faces are controversial, and Rajnath may not like to prefer to leave his comfort zone. SP and BSP both have faces, which BJP lacks. Varun Gandhi, Yogi Adityanath, Mahesh Sharma and Smriti Irani are ambitious, but the last two lack acceptability. The Bihar nightmare could be repeated if ticket distribution goes wrong.

Devi Prasad Misra: Parties like SP and BSP don’t have any political ideology. They are actually private limited companies with the only aim to looting the public. The control of the company remains with the family. Once in a while to project themselves as the saviour of the poor, a bicycle, a mobile phone or a laptop is distributed with much publicity and fanfare. Such parties do not have any organisation or workers. On the other hand, BJP is a political party with a distinct ideology having a strong organisation and committed grass root workers. Such parties can only provide proper governance.

Pitabasa Mishra: It should be left to the people of Uttar Pradesh to decide whom they want to see in power.

Rahul Barrick: Indians have given BJP a chance to rule India with absolute majority but what they’ve done till today aren’t visible except the havoc caused by their political stunts. Almost all political parties are same. It won’t make any difference until and unless people elect the right candidate irrespective of the parties.

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