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Debate on CBI Raids at Odisha Politicians in Chit Fund Scam

CBI -CBI has finally raided BJD MP Rabindra Jena, MLA Pravat Biswal and former Naveen Niwas employee Saroj Sahu. It also raided Congress leader Bapi Sarkhel.

Do you think it’s just a pressure tactic or CBI making serious efforts to nail all including top Ministers and Leaders in Chit Fund Scam? Or, it’s just politically motivated?

Shiva Shankar Sahu: Just Pressure tactic.

Srikant Patnaik: CBI is no longer an independent department so I can’t trust them. Dirty Political Power can influence any organization.

Shishir Gamang: If CBI does anything, it’s questionable and if it doesn’t do anything, we still question it. So what should it do???

Nabakishore Mohapatra: Will the CBI really probe the chit fund scam in a fair manner and provide benefits to poor depositors or will become a political tool? Time will say.

Keya Ghosh: CBI is desperately trying to regain its lost glory. Hence they are displaying this firm, no-nonsense attitude.

Vijaya Singh: Let’s wait and watch how the game plays on. CBI is at times I feel is used to put pressure, but one can be wrong.

Balakrushna Patra: CBI is an instrument of government if we analyse the past incidents in Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Bihar, Goa, Kerala, Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand etc. They are being effectively used in states where ruling party (at the centre) is in Opposition.

Subrat Kumar Chhatoi: Simply politically motivated job ….. they are trying to create pressure….

Prasant Rai: It’s a routine raid.. Don’t involve Politics everywhere. CBI also needs proof to raid.

Jagannath Mahapatra: Very good, the system needs to be cleaned and with time we have to move on, it is a great time to give chance to good people, staying above Political things, we have to make Political things good, it’s the need of the hour.

Raghunath Panda: Let the law take its own course.

Kailash Behera: CBI trying to nab the culprits and monitored by the apex court. The timing is of mere coincidence.

Basudev Bhatt: It’s a political drama, nothing else.

Sudhi Ranjan Jeet: It looks like a political drama. CBI can never be independent. It works as per the direction of central govt.

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