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Debate on Why Media remains a Soft Target

nano-zee-newsMedia remains a soft target for political parties whether the attack on NDTV, TimesNow or Zee News. Free Press is fast becoming thing of the past. Who needs to introspect? Media, Political Class or People of India?

Balakrushna Patra: If you want to survive, then live like National Herald.

Deepak Kumar Prusty: Present situation is due to some yellow journalism by some media houses- which are merely business houses.. Public are mere spectators… We can’t blame politicians ..They are doing their duty for their parties in this regard…Press must stand neutral..stand strong…No “allegedly” reporting…

Marshal Panda: That is because the controlling voice of the media house has a political opinion.

Vijaya Singh: If you are going to mix journalism with political patronage then you are to blame.

Devi Prasad Misra: Introspection is definitely needed in the case of Media. No doubt they need funds for running the business, but should not be a party to misleading news.

Rahul Bihani: Most of the India media is backed by political parties…Which is easily visible when they are reporting….Indian media just wants TRP….They are working for political parties to fool people…..There has to be certain rules for media…..Indian media never show positive news…..They just want to fill negativity among viewers….They super fast 100 news is full of murder and rape news….It is such a shame….Not even single channel is worth watching or praising…..Accept for one show according to me….9-10 DNA with Sudhir Chaudhary.

Tusarkanta Satapathy: Introspection? What is that?

Ananda Mohapatra: It’s Media, which needs to introspect.

Simanchala Mishra: Well, media itself is to blame. People have started thinking beyond the media. The reality is that media is slowly distancing itself from the truth and people want truth and only truth.

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak: Media. Because Mediacracy has generated all the ills have been pointed out here.

Binay Panigrahi: Introspection is everyone’s subject .. why only Media!

Prafulla Samantara: Both media and political class because both are under corporate control.

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