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Debate on a possible revival of Janata Parivar to stop BJP

Naveen-NitishWith Congress on a decline and Opposition failing to stop the Modi Juggernaut, do you see a revival of Janata Parivar to stop BJP in key states of UP, Bihar, Karnataka and Odisha in 2019?

Subramanya Pai: Yes, no other option left for them. But the problem lies with their leadership. Who will bell the cat? Just remember Mahaghatbandhan took place earlier too, but failed to survive.

Satya Narayan Mahalik: Congress is the only rival of BJP. It will bounce back soon.

Sudhir Padhy: 1) Current leaders of non-BJP and non-INC parties are too arrogant to come together.
2) Next generation leaders from these parties would understand that coalition is the only way to survive.
3) Till that time Modi will rule the roost.

Deepak Kumar Prusty: A strong opposition is always a good sign of progress. United Janata Dal – the Wheel- with less aspirants is a better option minus Leftists..

Shishir Gamang: It’s a typical case of the weaker parties getting united against the strongest hoping to form a fist, but forgetting that you cannot keep your fingers closed all the time as you have to use it for other work also.

Kailash Behera: Once broken means broken. There is no chance of revival.

Chennubhotla Bapujee: The party which can yield maximum financial strength will win during 2019. This is the fact of Indian political scenario though every group talks of wiping out corruption.

Bhabani Shankar Hota: How do you know that Congress is declining? Due to results of Odisha Panchayat Election? As of now, there are indication that Congress is rising and BJP is declining compared to 2014. Of course, exact analysis will only be possible after final declaration of results with vote share.

Sangram Keshari Nepak: It’s too early to say….Still we should wait till tomorow for the final results…. A lot may happen tomorrow or we may have the discussion on another angle….

Simanchala Mishra: The hell is empty & the devils are here. Who will be the Satan for the throne? It will be Modi and Modi in 2019 too. Congress will have to go on hibernation for 5 years.

Vijaya Singh: They cannot remain United because each one aspires to be the PM so there is no point in reviving the Janata Unity.

Siddhant P Pradhan: Who will fight against a PM, who defies law and holds a roadshow without permission in a desperate bid to grab power? Sorry state of affairs in India!

Devi Prasad Misra: Such coalition will not last for the simple reason that each regional party has its own agenda to promote their own kith and kin.

Gyanaranjan Parida: It’s a storm called Narendra Modi. It will continue even in 2019 and no other leaders or parties can withstand it.

Sanghamitra Jena: Hope the so-called ‘Modi Storm’ does not turn out to be destructive and blow our houses apart.

Pradyumna Satpathy: I do agree with the views of respected Bhabani Shankar Hota Babu. His views make a lot of sense.

Sanjay Kumar Pradhan: No, It will have no impact as earlier in 70s….Particularly Odisha will lose more as compared to Bihar…

Jagannath Satapathy: It might be possible, still a dream for all regional sataraps, as all are enjoying different identities and symbols in different states; ironically all have common ambition to drive for the top chair of the country. Again they can not succeed without taking big pies either with Congress or BJP, our perception is that after UP declaration, they will try to re-positioned themselves either to support or oppose the present govt, for the time being.

Sambit Nanda: It’s high time the Janata Parivar gets united in order to counter the rising BJP. But unfortunately, chances are bleak. I wish the CM of Odisha with his holy advisers are shrewd enough to avoid any intricate political equation for the time being, as BJD is still the No 1 party in the state with maximum ground access compared to its counterparts…

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