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Debate on Hype created by BJD over Mahanadi Issue

mahanadi-cm1Is BJD creating unnecessary hype over Mahanadi issue to project Naveen Patnaik as a Hero and hide is failure to protect Odisha’s interests over the years?

Satyabrata Panda: A bullish act for BJD in Odisha’s political stock market. It starts offloading some junk equities, like Mahanadi, on the market. Unfortunately media, civil societies and, unwittingly the opposition, toed its line. Their response was bearish and the reaction was knee jerky. They are befooled and began subscribing loss making shares.

Pravakar Pani: Yes. The BJD Government is creating hype to hide their failure in education, health and particularly Mahanadi issue.

Sachida Nanda Swain: Yes. The BJD is making unnecessary hype over Mahanadi issue. Fact is for coming election they need a strong agenda other than their overuse of freebies. May be Mahanadi in east side and Polavaram in South side of Odisha give them the edge!

Bhawani Mahapatra: Certainly yes. No doubt, a dozen of serious issues affecting public life are being suppressed for making Naveen Patnaik an imaginary hero. BJD should at least stick to its election manifesto rather than blaming others for each instance of its non performance.

Gyanranjan Samal: Strategists in BJP had given an issue which the party could not encash, but BJD Could do so. BJP strategists could not see a boomerang like effect of the issue. It’s election time; so BJD Managers took no time to mobilise their party workers against BJP for the cause of Odisha.

Raghunath Panda: Probmahanadi-naveenably they have now realised that they are losing the grip. Indeed that they are facing a bad time – Mahanadi & Polavaram from two neighbouring states. Hence, all this hype.

Sambit Nanda: Everyone knows well that nothing will happen with the farce of BJD on Mahanadi issue. It’s a well planned strategy to cover up the serious allegations raised against BJD Govt, irregularities and some of its most corrupted and anti-social Netas who are running the show from behind the screen..

Sanjay Kumar Pradhan: Yes. The Water Resources department led by the CM, failed miserably. The BJD supremo slept over the years and did nothing except cutting his rivals into size and choosing sacrificial lambs to maintain his clean image. Now, he is on an inauguration spree ahead of panchayat polls. It’s true that he is hiding his failure to protect Odisha’s interests over the years.

Bijoy Rout: The State Government has always overlooked such matters and blamed the Centre or other states. Naveenji has no idea about administration in a federal system. He is not a fool, but trying to fool the general public. He is protecting the corrupt Ministers. BJP may not be blamed for Mahanadi fiasco, but they are to be blamed for installing a non-political leader having no love/sympathy for Odisha, as the CM during Vajpayee era.

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