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Debate on Odisha CM Naveen Patnaik’s Leadership Abilities

Naveen PatnaikHow do you rate Odisha CM Naveen Patnaik as a Leader? Has he been able to fulfill the aspirations of people of Odisha and put the state on the path of growth and development?

Abhin Adhikari: A clean image leader with no quality of leadership a vision-less leader and obviously not a quick learner.

Laxminarayan Kanungo: Any prospective CM candidate, in place of Naveen can fetch more marks in governance.

Kailash Behera: Growth? The state remains static since his inception as CM. The gullible innocent and illiterate people are offered a lollipop and lullaby are sung instead of real development.

Nirmal Puhan: A good leader for the poor. Not a developmental leader.

Papu Pradhan: Copy paste CM… In his tenure, Odisha could have more developed… But this didn’t happen due to lack of vision..

Raghunath Panda: A clean image in person. Roads are duly developed. The low cost meal is very costly to the Govt. The Mid Day Meal, 6 packages of ICDS & School lunch programmes are total failures. Development programmes are a big Nil. Public distribution is a total failures.

Jagannath Satapathy: At the first instance,  till now he remains as an undisputed leader due to TINA factor, even though sometimes he feels the temporary heat from Dharmendra Pradhan, Bijoy Mohaptra and Pradeep Majhi. But, they fail to pose a strong challenge to him due to lack of support from the top. Secondly, regarding development, Urban areas especially coastal cities are more developed as compared to rural Odisha. But, due to TINA, he is being able to satisfy their voters by influencing through contract work allocation and implementing populist schemes like rice scheme etc on time. Yes, you can say, he is No. 1 runner in that competition. But, he as a performer more than average in comparison to JB’s darker era.

Sambit Nanda: He is a leader most appreciated by voters, vastly hated by intellectuals, badly disbelieved by own partymen and widely run by officers.. And, in case of development, giving 6 out of 10 in overall shall be justified.

Sudhi Ranjan Jeet: 10/10. Now he’s a matured political leader. He knows how to handle. He believes in work without talking unnecessarily. Finally, he still has the clean image & remains the most popular leader in Odisha.

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