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Debate on Odisha Girl’s Daring Act against the Molester

Odisha Girl CuttackKudos to the Girl, who dared to take on the Molester in Cuttack, slapped him, beat him up with chappals and then forced him to touch her feet and say SORRY.

No sure how many Girls can emulate such daring feat. But, this is the need of the hour. However, public support is more important. We don’t need mute spectators and photographers.

Do you support whatever this girl has done and should it be followed by all others? What should be the role of public here?

Rabi Kanungo: Yes yes yes. I compliment the girl and wish all must be like her. An editorial ( ଥୁ ) I have dedicated, to be published tomorrow on Suryaprava Daily Newspaper.

Vijaya Singh: I have done it in Lucknow outside my college to a few University boys who were passing lewd comments on my friend.s I had just got my Brown Belt in Taekwondo. My parents always believed that girls are no less than boys so we got the courage to fight any fellow who tried to show us down.

Sudhi Ranjan Jeet: Whatever the girl did, I salute & support her for her daring act. Those girls who are suffering this type of bad comments, they should learn from this. Come forward & be strong. And yes, do as per law and order.

Jagannath Mahapatra: But there should be a balance; no need to down against molester, but keep in mind that there are also good people who want keep girls with them like sisters, they want to support girls at every step, keep them (good people) in mind, Don’t neglect them, their presence and support will only bring “goodness” in society, let girls get all opportunities and get success everywhere and regarded as equal partner with men, my wish.

Srinibas Panda: crime never bias any gender. Yes we must Stand for those ladies who actually face such molestation. And public must not be mute spectator there. I saw the raw footage and heard the words very carefully. And I don’t think that girl was molested by this guy. This was mere a publicity stunt by the girl. It seems same to same as Rohtak incident. I see this as cruelty. So no kudos for the girl!

Karunakar Dora: Yes, we support the Girl.

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