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Debate: Padmavati Controversy Spontaneous or Sponsored?

PadmavatiInsight Bureau: The massive outrage over Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s ‘Padmavati’ continues with Censor Board to refusing to clear the film in its present form. The release date has been deferred. The producer and actors have been threatened with dire consequences. Many states, including Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Punjab and Rajasthan have banned the movie.

Is the controversy surrounding #Padmavati spontaneous or a ploy to gain more attention?

Our Debate… Your Views:

Priyaranjan Samal: A good director knows better how to publicize his movie.

Sujata Dehury: If the movie gets to see the light, I will agree with conspiracy theory No. 2. After all, these Karni Sena type organizations are backed by political parties.

Jagannath Satapathy: Controversy is a top publicity strategy as it stimulates anxiety. However, Padmavati is being opposed by a larger section of the society; so simply it can’t be dubbed as a publicity stunt, rather it is a spontaneous reaction. But, ironically it’s indirectly promoting the movie, as Indian audience always loves controversy. Either way, the question itself is a beautiful answer – two sides of the same coin.

Ajit Dash: It’s spontaneous, but people are playing politics.

Laxmikant Rout: This is not the first time in Bollywood history, and as always they try to distort the culture and history of Hindu community for the sake of their business goals. Distortion of history in films, should be stopped. As I have not seen the movie, my comment is purely personal based on the media controversy.

Nagendra Sharma: Spontaneous! No one should play evil with our history. Can anyone dare to play evil with other religions?

Sambit Nanda: We have not seen the movie yet. Can be able to come to a conclusion only after watching the film.

Santosh Mohanty: Who knows? Let’s wait and watch.

Mamata Rani Barick: Many decent historians or people who were allowed to see the movie say there is nothing wrong in the movie. It looks like protestors are paid…. Hundreds of Padmavatis get raped and molested daily.

Amulya Rout: Whatever… it’s killing the image of India abroad….We need to change with the time.. Every single day there is something in the name of religion.. That’s utter bullshit.

Simanchala Mishra: Protests are rarely spontaneous. They are always instigated. When it involves distortions of history, mythology or culture, it is obvious too. But, why do the Bhansalis find only Hindu icons to distort. Why don’t they touch Muslims or Christian icons? Are the Hindus and their deities soft targets? Salman Rushdees and Taslimas write against their religions, but not residing in their own countries.

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