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Debate on President Mukherjee’s Observation on Demonetisation

Pranab MukherjeeDo you agree with President Pranab Mukherjee’s observation that #Demonetisation drive is good for fighting black money and corruption, but may lead to temporary economic slowdown and could aggravate the suffering of the poor?

Sai Papu: Yes. Agree with the views of President.

Debi Prasanna Mohapatra: He is just reiterating what most of people are saying!

Pranab Das: Yes.

Shishir Gamang: There is flip side to everything one does but if it is for the overall good of the country then it’s worth it.

Sanjay Kumar: Partially agree.

Srikant Patnaik: I disagree.

Raghunath Panda: The decision of limiting ATM/Bank Withdrawal restrictions to Rs. 4500 & Rs. 24000 will not bring any troubles to either poor, middle class or upper middle class.

Jagannath Mahapatra: We have to find new ways to hand over money to poor and raise their condition, they can not be poor for ever, innovative ideas are must needed.

Abinash Mohapatra: To some extent.

Barendra Kumar: He is giving double standard remark…. Does not have any clear stand.

Samir Tripathy: Absolutely true… Poor are suffering more…

Ratikanta Behera: Yes.

Balakrushna Patra: Agreed …but in the current scenario of country (social media, press and other), Honorable president observed appropriately. Demonetisation implementation could have been done with more electrifying effectiveness without leading to loss of lives of citizens with minimum declared deadline days by creating awareness. The ultimate benefit of demonetisation itself to curb black money and other devaluation of certain currency will lose its legal tendering capacity but yes a big but certain commodity unit price will rise unexpectedly. Ultimately a layman suffers a lot causes to agitation and subsequent intervention of force, leading to chaos.

Vijaya Singh: Not to sure.

Sangram Keshari Nepak: As 97% of currency were already deposited in the bank, so now it’s doubtful about the amount of black money recovered….So it’s early to assess regarding the result regarding black money but one thing is sure that it may slow down our fast running economy & majorly affected the middle class & poor….

Bharat Mishra: President is looking for a second term.

Sudhi Ranjan Jeet: Agree.

Ajoy Das: No.

Nirmal Puhan: Agree with honourable President.

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