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Debate on Trolling in Social Media Platforms


trollsTrolling in Social Media has become the latest trend. Should it be stopped and abusers and bigots must be taken to task cutting across the party line (whether BJP, AAP or Congress)?

Sangram Keshari Nepak: This dangerous trend had been started for the last two and half years….Action should be taken against these morons….

Vijaya Singh: Absolutely it is disgusting.

Amit Kumar Dash: Yes, trolling anyone should be stopped because it goes personal and to a very cheap level by the trollers. Healthy debate with decorum is always good but trolling anyone is like a crime.

Rajesh Pattnaik: Definitely! But this shouldn’t be an attempt to target/silence all those asking uncomfortable questions to vested interest journalists, who scream from their rooftop to protect unlawful act of NDTV (when a 24hr ban imposed for violation) but conspicuous with their silence on FIR against another journo Sudhir Choudhury for covering riots in Bengal. Actually, these gang of motivated journalists should be dealt with.

Sachida Nanda Swain: Trolling should be stopped with some punishment as it tarnished images of individual or party that too without any real issue many times.

Pic Credit: thegg.net

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