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Do We need a Political Alternative in Odisha?

Naveen-BJDBJD supremo Naveen Patnaik has been ruling Odisha for the last 16 years, riding high on his clean image, popularity and weak opposition. Everyone feels he is invincible and there is no leader who can replace him in Odisha politics. We ask the people, “Whether a Political Alternative is the Need of the Hour in Odisha?”

Subhasis Sarangi: Unless people of Odisha change their mind and thought process, we can’t think about any alternative.

Ajit Dash: There is no alternative to BJD unless Naveen Patnaik’s popularity declines.

Jagadish Pradhan: Alternative is needed. And, a fresh party with fresh leader should be welcomed.

Ashish Dey: There is no Alternative. Tell me who is a leader in Odisha.

Shishir Gamang: You can’t think of an alternative where people are happy selling their votes. Alternative will never happen unless there is awareness among the voters.

Dr. Akshay Rout: As long as Naveen Babu and his power centre exist, no party can achieve success in Odisha. Although he chairs the most corrupt government in the history of Odisha, Opposition has failed to cash on it because of greedy, timid leadership and lack of ability to hit the target.

Rahul Barrick: No need of alternative political party. Rogue powerful political leaders should be thrown out of the system. Don’t select political party, elect honest & hardworking candidates irrespective of party affiliation.

Jagannath Satapathy: While an alternative is required, who will come to the fore? No other parties are doing well. At the same time, the ruling party has mastered the art of managing the national parties.

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