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Facebook Debate on Congress’ Odisha Bandh and Public Response

Odisha-Bandh1The Congress Party in Odisha has observed 12-hour Odisha Bandh across the state to protest against the construction of barrages on Mahanadi River by Chhattisgarh Government. What Congress going to achieve by causing inconvenience to Public?

Rabi Satapathy: During Nabakalebara fiasco, a meagre group spoke against the Congress Bandh call as they are doing today, but in reality as a strong opposition Party and a party in waiting to form Govt in 2019, has a large responsibility. And, in Mahanadi issue, Odisha Congress was compelled by lethargic BJD and divisive BJP to hit the street and observe Bandh, which is welcomed by general Public. Bandh is Complete and success.

Sanjay Kumar: It’s only Political Drama and Nothing else. Mahanadi issue can’t be resolved with this Bandh.

Shishir Gamang: They are just trying to make their presence felt. School children love holidays owing to bandh. Congress is perhaps looking at potential voters and future cadres.

Satya Narayan Mahalik: It is a spontaneous reaction by Odisha people…

Subrat Kumar Chhatoi: By observing Bandh in Odisha, congress can not achieve anything. Simply they are making their presence felt coz people are forgetting them. Their popularity is nowhere in the state. As the project planning and implementation was done at the Centre during UPA Govt’s tenure, congress has no right to make it a political issue.

Nagendra Sharma: It’s political… If you are in opposition, always look for an opportunity to make your presence felt… Else how public will know your existence.. Congress is behaving like the separatists wanting azzadi from BJP at the Centre and from BJD/BJP in state….

Vijaya Singh: How can anything that causes obstruction of work at banks and affect livelihood of the vendors, ever be successful?

Bhawani Mahapatra: It will encourage people making Congress-mukt Bharat.

Dhunku Sambalpur: Some alternative form of protest should be worked out; all parties should think over it.

Pravakar Pani: Congress will get nothing. This bandh is to remain in limelight. Before bandh, the Congress party should think of the inconvenience caused to public.

Barendra Kumar: Whatever BJP or BJD could have achieved…. the same thing Congress will be achieving… For supporters.. It’s a great success… For anti congress minds, it’s a drama.. For BJP supporters, this is just a eye opening question…The truth is… it helps.. really helps to build perception, Which in long run changes into reality.

Jagannath Satapathy: This might be the rejuvenation plan of the grand old party, which is currently struggling for survival. Everybody knows nobody gains by observing Bandh – whether it’s BJD, Congress or BJP. But, they follow the same path.

Nageswar Rao: Political parties need to be in public view to gain votes. In view of the ensuing Panchayat polls, Congress eyes electotal gains through this agitation.

Prakash Bhuyan: Odisha Bandh has no impact on people of Odisha…Neither Mahanadi issue will be resolved…But only thing is that..it unites Congress people …as they were divided into three groups…

Rahul Barrick: Whether it’s loss of revenue, impact on students’ education, inconvenience to travellers and daily wage laborers, aggravating patients’ problems are the products of bandh culture. Congress has been following this religiously. They always give more sorrow to people than joy.

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