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Facebook Debate on Kunduli Victim’s Suicide

Who is responsible for Kunduli Victim’s Suicide?

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Balakrushna Patra: The system is to be blamed. Either they are aware of the fact or tried to play it safe by passing the buck and playing the trick by twisting the case with the help of media.

Monosish Panda: Definitely, Govt machinery.

Souranshu Prasad Sahoo: Government and police administration including the investigating agency are responsible for the avoidable incident. Nexus between the culprits and the political party leaders is largely responsible for the Suicide of rape victim.

Anirudha Nayak: Definitely Media and Dirty Politicians.

Adya Shree: “Culprits are responsible for this.” We can’t expect overnight decisions or steps from Government. Accusing is easy but proving guilty is a bit difficult. What happened is just a shameful incident for all of us. Individuals, Media, Government everyone should raise their voice against such incidents. We can’t leave everything to administration and sit back.

Kailash Behera: The apathy of the society made the teenager to take the extreme step. Had there been proportionate outcry/reaction of the people of the state like that of Nirbhaya, the police/administration would be forced to take the case to a logical conclusion. Everyone knows that several questions will remain a mystery for all the time. Precious time lost. A heinous blame game made the entire episode a fiasco.
Crime will never hide. This is the law of nature. But time counts. Time will solve whether the lone girl was insane or all of us.

Jagannath Satapathy: Nevertheless, the faulty administrative system including all political parties, Police, Administration, the calm non-reactive society killed her. Transforming truth into lies has become an art these days. What a day has come, where every script is twisted according to the respective political masters? Police might know, but hesitates, Doctors might know, but never reveals without the consent of their respective masters. Nobody is impartial including opposition and media.

Suchintan Rout: Entire system and we, the so called human being.

Nirmal Panda: Our system has failed to bring out the truth.

Nrusingha Nanda Panigrahy: Administration including Collector, Police and Doctors.

Prakash Bhuyan: The TV channels are indirectly responsible, as they put more pressure on the minor girl from her family and society with repeated coverage on her plight.

Ramesh Mishra: 1- Media, 2- Public, 3- So called Government Machinery.

Mahendra Adhikari: Media + Congress + BJP are responsible.

Suraj Tripathy: Only Odisha Government and the System.

Natabar Khuntia: Home Minister of the State.

Jatindra Panda: Dilly dallying hanky Panky monkey investigators put four wedges in a cleft which the top clans hammered and now ready to put the last nail in the coffin of custodian.

Bidya Jenamani: Both media and political parties are not investigating agents; it is the investigating agencies, i.e., police, state govt and CM Naveen Patnaik are responsible. Nobody has guts to handle or bring truth before public without the knowledge of CM Naveen Sir.

Suresh Dash: Parents of the Girl, as they failed to motivate he to stay alive and fight back.

Manas Bastia: Media is completely responsible for this shocking incident.

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