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Facebook Debate: Is Odisha going through a leadership crisis?

Naveen PatnaikChief Minister Naveen Patnaik remains the invincible leader of Odisha, as he has been ruling the state for over 16 years. No other leader in the state has been able to challenge him. Are we going through a leadership crisis in the state?

Yuva Utkal Bharat: Yes, we must reject the leader, who does not identify himself with the common people on the ground. We need a leader who is experienced, honest, talented and courageous. In addition, he must have the ability to listen to the people.

Akash Sharma: Politics in Odisha has become a choice between bad and worse. May be, Dharmendra Pradhan is the ultimate alternative.

Rahul Barrick: Odisha is doing far better than other states. There is no crisis in leadership qualities. It is only a handful of people who are thinking so since they belong to other blocs. Present leadership isn’t exceptional, but better than others. There is no dearth of leaders in the state. There are many, who are proving their mettle.

Charulata Panigrahi: Odisha desperately needs a strong, determined, visionary and practical LEADER. A leader should interact with the people by going to them instead of speaking from a podium with a Mike.

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