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Facebook Debate on Athlete OP Jaisha Controversy

OP-JaishaIndia’s Marathon runner OP Jaisha complains of lack of facilities during Marathon at Rio 2016 where she finished 89th. But, her fellow runner Kavita Raut has rubbished the charges and said there was no apathy and she knew what she was supposed to get.

Who is telling the truth? Is Jaisha playing into the hands of Media, which is vociferously taken up this case?

Sambit Nanda: It’s a matter of investigation. How can we tell who is telling the truth. We can guess only, which will be of no relevance.

Bhawani Mahapatra: OPJ’s allegations are like quarreling with own tools. Though the lack of arrangements is subject to inquiry, still it should be raised at proper forum. Media can’t provide the solution.

Sachida Nanda Swain: Jaisha is 33 and knows very well that her career anything but over! So creating some noise so that she get some sympathy and money for her life to be settled! It’s for sure she is telling lie!

Sidharth Tiwari: Well, Arnab can make everything sound like truth.

Vijaya Singh: Truth is elusive at times.

Charulata Panigrahi: If two persons in same situation giving different opinion, then it seems “naach na Jane aangan tedha”.

Kailash Behera: Athletic Federation of India has categorically denied the charges. None else has got any complaints. Despite Zika phobia and lots of propaganda, Rio garnered record number of physical and electronic spectators.

Marshal Panda: Lack of facility is true to some extent. What is lacking is commitment. The greats of Indian sports never had this problem. In the first Durand cup victory by an Indian team, Mohun Bagan played with canvas shoes against a British team!

Jagannath Satapathy: It’s not a big issue, as some protocols have to be followed by the guest countries at Host country, but still a matter of concern, if it’s true…It can only be known by the experienced athletes who had faced similar type of situations.

Deepak Kumar Prusty: Some people sometimes blame others to hide their failure and inability.

Dhunku Sambalpur: Our players always complain – whether it’s business class travel, non-availability of facilities, accommodation etc. Eventually, they return empty-handed. We have spent crores on these sportspersons, but they cross their limit hide their failure behind the allegations.

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