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Facebook Debate on Bandh Culture in India

Bandh1Should there be a Blanket Ban on Bandh Culture, as it causes irreparable damage to Economy and inconvenience to public apart from creating more problems for the poor labour class, who fail to earn anything on that day of shutdown?

Akshay Rout: Yes, it should or do bandh on holidays like developed countries. Also, ban communism principles borrowed from China.

Sanjay Kumar Pradhan: I am not in favor of bandh culture. The Govt. should ban it. The protesters should know what is the damage cost on a particular day to the people, business and development to the state and country…. I would say No…Blanket Ban on Bandh Culture whoever it may be….Unanimously Govt. should make a law against it…There are other ways to get things from any Govt. in power…

Nrushinghnath Sahu: Those who participated in yesterday’s Bharat Bandh, did not lose anything and will get paid. But, those who rely on daily wage, are the worst sufferers. Also, students lost their education, as their schools had to shut down.


Charulata Panigrahi: Bandh should be banned, as it causes huge economic loss and disadvantage for public. Demonstration should be held near Parliament and Assemblies, not throughout the country.


Vijaya Singh: Totally! No doubt about it. Are we still fighting the British or oppressive foreign government? People who work on a daily basis, lose money. Banking services affected. Entire country goes for a toss… Why should people suffer because of some mad idiotic coot of a politician or his party’s personal advancement?


Bandh2Simanchala Mishra: Bandh of these days is not the Satyagraha that Gandhi taught us. This is just a desperation of rejected parties and leaders. They are not patriots. They just want to stall governance and harm national economy. They don’t understand the inconvenience meted out to the public. They gain nothing. Blanket ban on whom? You will just impose some fine on the party. It makes no difference. You will put the leaders behind the bars for a couple of days-it makes no difference. Well, if the Supreme would refrain the party from contesting elections or cease the party symbol, it may have an impact. But, that is most unlikely in our country, of course in the name of freedom of speech, freedom of protesting in a peaceful manner etc, etc.


Deepak Kumar Prusty: It is a curse to growing India…Bengal could have been No. 1 state in India, but bandh had the last laugh.


Sai Papu: Yes. It should be banned completely. By doing bandh which problem is resolved? Rather, the political leaders can protest/go to courts to address the issues.


Rabi Narayan Pal: Yes, that should be treated as criminal offence, as they spoil human labour and also damage public and private properties.


Raghunath Panda: The earlier the better. Whatever losses who ever made should be replaced forthwith. These conditions should apply to all including obstructions in Parliament and Assemblies.


BH V Nageswar Rao: The very purpose of bandh is to hinder the normal flow of activity and cause hardship to one and all. The greater the hardship, the greater they deem the success of the strike. We should develop better and more effective ways of protest than resorting to bandhs.


Bandh3Keya Ghosh: It’s time we put a “bandh” on bandhs. Enough damage has been done for so many decades at the cost of our money.


Kailash Behera: Just imagine the mental agony of a passenger who is in the midst of a journey to catch a flight or a train! Horrible! Isn’t it? The near and dear ones of a seriously ill passenger or that of a woman blocked on her way to the labor room. One has to experience the same. Because the mental status can’t be explained in words. Somebody has uploaded a picture where a group of labourers returning with their lunch box hanging hapless.


Adding to the woes, some agitator will deflate your bike or break your window glass. The mad mob may burn national property also and the law enforcing agency will become a mute spectator. The judgements of the Apex court are still on paper. Ironically, in our state the ruling party calls the bandh many a times. It has become a trend now-a-days. There is huge loss of national property and the worst sufferer are the daily labourers. The non cooperation movement of Gandhiji era has manifested into the present form. The Organizers should find out a new tool to get their rights instead of the present form. The Law Enforcing Agency should be made effective and accountable.

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